Meet Your Cooling Requirements

THERMOSTAT will be checked and calibrated as required. Defective or improperly calibrated thermostats affect comfort and operation.

AIR FILTER dirty air filters restrict airflow and cause systems to work harder, resulting in higher energy costs, less efficient cooling /dehumidification, blower motor and compressor running harder, and evaporator coil freeze-up which can cause malfunction, water back-ups, and compressor or blower going out.

CONDENSER COIL a clean condenser coil allows better airflow through the coil for proper heat transfer. Dirty condenser coils raise refrigerant pressures higher than needed which will increase electric bill and lower cooling capacity.

EVAPORATOR COIL WHERE ACCESSIBLE a clean evaporator coil allows unrestricted air flow through the coil for maximum cooling efficiency and capacity as well as dehumidification.

BLOWER ASSEMBLY inspect blower wheels and assemblies provide required amounts of airflow for maximum cooling efficiency and dehumidification and prevent blower motor straining to provide the proper amount of air, result is energy savings and avoid expensive repairs.

REFRIGERANT CHARGE will be checked by determining proper super heat, sub cooling and temperature of refrigerant. A low or high refrigerant charge can easily go unnoticed and increase operating costs. Also an improper charge can do damage to the compressor & cause a unit to stop working.

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INSPECT DRAIN PAN WHERE ACCESSIBLE The drain pan collects water from the evaporator coil during the cooling season. This water becomes a source for algae and bacterial growth.

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INSPECT CONDENSATE DRAIN LINESThe drain lines allow for the flow of water from the drain pan. Blocked lines cause overflow as potential water damage to the equipment and surrounding areas. This can eliminate expensive water damage.

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CONDENSER FAN BLADE will check that fan blade is balanced, secure and free from any obstructions.

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CONDENSER MOTOR will be cleaned and lubricated. Dirty motors are less efficient and will fail sooner.

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CAPACITORS there are two capacitors (Run & Start) they will visually be inspected for deterioration. Then will be tested for shorts, continuity, & improper resistance. Bad capacitors can lead to compressor and motor failure.


CONTRACTOR will look for bad contractor points or a weak coil that can cause compressor damage due to short cycling and high amps. This can eliminate nuisance breakdowns and expensive repairs.

FAN CONTROL CENTER make sure fan is being turned on and off in the proper manner.

WIRING CONNECTIONS loose connections can cause intermittent breakdowns. Also, loose connections on high voltage lines can increase the amperage draw on motor and compressor, resulting in high electrical usage and costly repairs.

MEASURE VOLTS & AMPS this makes certain your electrical components function properly. This saves energy dollars and avoids potential breakdowns with motor & compressor in the unit.

DISCONNECT BOX will be inspected for damage. A worn or overheated disconnect can blow fuses & cause breakdowns.

COMPRESSOR CHECK this is the most expensive component in your cooling system. We measure the integrity of compressor windings and determine if moisture/acid is present in your refrigeration system. Removal of moisture/acid from the system can be accomplished; however clean-up costs vary by severity of the contamination.

LUBRICATION OF MOTORS AND BEARINGS improperly lubricated rotating equipment will eventually fail.

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LINE SET INSULATION check insulation for tears & air leaks at tubing where line set enters evaporator coil.

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SEE IF CONDENSER IS LEVEL a condenser that tips to one side can affect the operation of the compressor. Depending on situation repair costs will vary.

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SECURE ALL PANELS - Loose panels can increase operating costs and cause infiltration.

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QUALITY INSPECTION will examine quality of installation along with equipment condition area and clearances.